World5 is back

And we are here to stay


We value the protection of what you create! We can protect your creations with WorldGuard, we are able to rollback griefs, and we run af full backup of the server every 2 hours!


You can help out the server by buying the VIP rank. All money will go towards improving the server!


All of our staff is hand picked out of a number of applicants, and they all go through an extensive trainee program. By that, we can guarentee all our staff meet our expectations.


World5 is running of a dedicated server with an Intel Core i7 CPU, 12 GB of ram, and a blazing fast SSD. There will be no lagg from our side!


On World5 you will be able to play numerous of your favourite minigames, including spleef and paintball!


Be the creative organ of World5, and recive the Architect rank! Help build towns, sculptures, art, and overall amazing and stunning builds.

Join our Discord Server

If you have any questions check the FAQ in the forums. If you’d like to report a bug, player or staff please contact an admin on our Discord server.