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Server Rules

World5 rules:

Please take note this document might have mistakes. Information and rules are subject to change. People always try to push the boundaries of what’s allowed. Therefore always listen to the guidelines given by staff members. Staff members will always be ready to explain any questions you may have 🙂


General rules:

These rules apply to all people on World5.

  • No griefing of any kind.


Building Code.

      1. No Nudity and/or Genitalia: Will be removed if found!
      2. No Race/Religion Hate Builds: Will be removed if found!
      3. No Profanity ex: f**k, s**t, pum*konius: Will be removed if found!
      4. No major Redstone clocks! They lag the server.
      5. No Player Traps! Will be removed if found!

  • No spamming in chat. What so ever.


      1. Note: Cursing is allowed lightly, but please be mature about it. Don't spam it.
      2. Note: Cursing to staff is allowed, but please do not say it in a mean tone. If they ask you to stop, you must stop.

  • No advertising or promoting.


      1. This includes phishing.

  • No bullying or harassment.


This includes:

      1. Sexual harassment.
      2. Stalking.
      3. Mental harassment.
      4. Nagging.
      5. Spamming at a player.

  • No bug exploit or hacking.


    1. Flymod/Speed/Jump mods are allowed

Examples of banned mods/hacks:

  1. Fastbreak/Fastplace
  2. Better Sprint
  3. Aimbot
  4. Force field
  5. X-Ray
  6. Kill Aurora
  7. Radarbro
  8. ANY Modified Client, Nodus, Xenus, Weepcraft, Huzuni etc…

  • No unfair client mods.


Allowed mods include:

    1. Journeymap.
    2. Inventory/mousetweaks.
    3. Optifine.
    4. Shaders.
    5. Etc.

Always ask if you’re unsure!

  • Only use english in the main chat.


Otherwise use /msg.

  • Don’t be a dick.


    1. Use common sense.
    2. No need to test and push the boundaries of the rules.
    3. Help build a strong a thriving community.


Additional rules:

The following rules apply to VIP.

  • You are not allowed to give out your VIP kits to other players.


      1. VIP kits contain powerful items, and should never be given out.

  • Use your brain when creating particle effects. Don’t over do it.


    1. If a staff member tells you to tone down on some effects, you will have to listen to them.

The following rules apply to architect, helper, moderator.

  • You are under no circumstance allowed to give out items while in creative.


    1. This includes building things for your friends. You are only allowed to do this, if your companion also got creative mode.


The following rules apply to helper, moderator, administrator.

  • You are never allowed to misuse your power.


    1. This includes:
    2. Kicking and/or banning people for fun. (harassment)
    3. Tempban/ban/ipban people without evidence. (see the staff handbook)
    4. Using LWC bypass for your personal advantage.
    5. Teleporting to a player without their permission. (Unless suspected of wrongdoing)



IGN: Nancy_Pelosi